Andrew Mold is currently Acting Director with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, based at their Kigali office. He has a Masters in Economics and Politics of Development from Cambridge University, and a Ph.D. in Economics from the Complutense University of Madrid. From 1997-2004 he was a university lecturer based in Madrid, working as the Co-Director of a Masters Programme on Development, and Vice-General Secretary of the International University of Menendez Pelayo. He has previously worked for the UN Secretariat in Chile and in Addis Ababa, and also for UNICEF in Costa Rica. He worked from 2008-2011 at the OECD Development Centre in Paris, where he was a Senior Economist and in charge of their flagship publication ‘Perspectives on Global Development: Shifting Wealth’. From 2004-2009 he was editor of the European Journal of Development Research. Author of ‘EU Development Policy in a Changing World – Challenges for the 21st Century’ (Amsterdam/Chicago University Press), and ‘Policy Ownership and Aid Conditionality in the Light of the Financial Crisis – A Critical Review’ (OECD, Paris), Andrew Mold has published in a wide-number of journals, including the Journal of International Development, the CEPAL Review, the African Development Review, the Journal of Common Market Studies, and the Journal of Agricultural Economics